Movies I Watched: Mud (2013)

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It’s interesting watching this so soon after True Detective. One takes place in Louisiana, the other in Arkansas, but they’re both shot on location in swampy rural areas in the South, where the settings feel like supporting characters. Where True Detective had a desaturated color palette with everything sickly shades of green, yellow, and gray, Mud seems to exist entirely between 4 and 7pm, with the world bathed in low, warm inviting sunlight. So much of the movie takes place on a river, the surface of which is almost always reflecting the golden late afternoon sun. To further the comparison, there’s Matthew McConaughey (the McConaissance is in full swing and I’m loving it). True Detective was shot post-Dallas Buyers Club weight loss, so he presents a gaunt, almost possessed figure throughout, a perfect complement to the constant feeling of impending horror. As the title character in Mud he is his regular athletic self, only occasionally shirtless, usually bathed in either sunlight or the light of a campfire.

On an entirely different note, it’s cool to see a coming of age story about disillusionment, particularly in regards to love. Every love story ends in failure. And befitting of this, the movie concludes in the suburbs, a place of compromise, of settling, a far cry from the exciting, mysterious romance of the river.

(also Michael Shannon finally gets a chance to play a nice guy and it’s great)

Using Absolute Editions as film equipment.

Using Absolute Editions as film equipment.

I finally read THE DISASTER ARTIST and…

…oh my god it’s everything I ever wanted.

I’ve been obsessed with The Room for five years, and ever since I first saw it I’ve craved information into how this thing happened. Who is Tommy Wiseau? What’s his deal? How did someone who so clearly understands nothing about anything manage to make a movie with actual professionals that cost real money?

Greg Sestero (Mark in The Room, line producer for The Room, the guy who knows more about Tommy Wiseau than just about any other living person) wrote not only the book I dreamed of, but the book I didn’t realize I wanted. It goes into every insane, bizarre, hilarious detail about the making of The Room. It has enough amazing Tommy Wiseau quotes to entertain me for the next five years. It even gives a pretty good idea of who Wiseau is and where he came from.

But beyond that, it ended up being…kind of moving. And inspiring. Wiseau is, in every way, the last guy who should ever become a famous American movie star. But that was his dream, and somehow, against all odds, through sheer insane optimism and huge, mysterious piles of money, he made and starred in the movie he wanted to make. He made himself a movie star. It’s kind of amazing.

Also, the passage about shooting the “oh hai Mark” scene is ¬†worth the cover price all on its own.

1. I have tickets for the Boston show and I am so god damn pumped.

2. When will they release this whole song so I can stop playing the YouTube video over and over?

Oh I’m sorry, I couldn’t hear you. I was drinking tea out of my MODOK mug.

Oh I’m sorry, I couldn’t hear you. I was drinking tea out of my MODOK mug.

MODOK mug is finally in its right place.

MODOK mug is finally in its right place.



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